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Let's face it, the Internet isn't going away and we all need to host our websites some where. Doesn't it make perfect sense to host them with a green web hosting company to minimize or even reverse the negative effects energy hungry servers have on our fragile planet? You bet it does!

Green Web Hosting Reviews * Are you looking for a green web hosting company but are confused between your REC's and CER's?

* Are the benefits of wind power v solar power baffelling you?

* When a company say's it's 'green' is it really environmentally friendly or is it trying to attract favour through clever marketing, smoke and mirrors?

We care passionaly about the world around us and I guess you do to as you have found and are reading this page! : )

Here on Green Web Hosting Reviews we have cut through the chaff to bring you honest reviews on many of the leading website hosting companies with green credentials.

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What Are Certified Emissions Reductions

Certified Emissions Reductions (CER's) are usually known as or referred to as 'carbon credits', and additionally as 'carbon offsets', launched as a substitution for carbon emissions under the Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

Green Web Hosting ReviewsWhat is the Kyoto Protocol? The Kyoto Protocol is an international agreement (signed in Kyoto, Japan) linked to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The main major function of the 1995 Kyoto Protocol is that it sets binding targets for 37 developed countries and the European community for reducing green house gas emissions.

1 CER equals an emission reduction in one tonne of Co2.

Those who purchase CERs are entitled to offset his or her CO2 emissions as another way of achieving their own Kyoto contaminants reduction goal.

Emissions Reductions Units (ERUs) are often types of Eco-friendly green house Gas cuts (in addition to, a part of a nation's designated amount) that have been produced by way of Shared Implementation within Article six in the Kyoto Protocol - rather than Certified Emission Reduction models (CERs) - which have been produced and qualified in the provisions of Article 12 in the Kyoto Protocol, in particular the Clean Development Mechanism.

With the Kyoto Protocol, developed nations have to essentially lessen their own pollutants associated with eco-friendly house gases. The Kyoto Protocol envisages market-based "flexible systems". Every one of these permit developed nations to fulfill their unique targets simply by buying and selling emission factors among themselves, and by permitting credits relevant to emission-curbing initiatives within different locations in the developing world.

The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) addresses many of these initiatives throughout nations without getting targets, i.e. developing worldwide locations. Credits are just granted for cuts in case your venture offers genuine, quantifiable and extended-term climatic change benefits.

Credits released within Joint Implementation (JI), shared initiatives among developed nations with Kyoto targets, are classified as ERUs (Emission Reduction Units).

The main reason driving the majority of these CDM’s and JI systems is eco-friendly house gas pollutants certainly are a worldwide problem and knowing that where cuts are usually accomplished is usually of less significance. Because of this, cuts can be produced wherever the prices is best, especially during the early phases associated with dealing with climatic change.

To discover the green web hosting companies who purchase CER's as offsets to their carbon emissions, please read the full reviews on the right of this page.

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