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Let's face it, the Internet isn't going away and we all need to host our websites some where. Doesn't it make perfect sense to host them with a green web hosting company to minimize or even reverse the negative effects energy hungry servers have on our fragile planet? You bet it does!

Green Web Hosting Reviews * Are you looking for a green web hosting company but are confused between your REC's and CER's?

* Are the benefits of wind power v solar power baffelling you?

* When a company say's it's 'green' is it really environmentally friendly or is it trying to attract favour through clever marketing, smoke and mirrors?

We care passionaly about the world around us and I guess you do to as you have found and are reading this page! : )

Here on Green Web Hosting Reviews we have cut through the chaff to bring you honest reviews on many of the leading website hosting companies with green credentials.

Each company has been carefully reviewed, not just on their eco-friendlyness but also on up-time of their servers, customer service and price to name but three important areas taken into consideration.

You can start reading our honest reviews by clicking on the links on the right of this page and then make an informed decision as to the best green web hosting service provider for you based on honest facts, not fiction.


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What Are Web Servers?

A web server, generally known as ‘a server’ is a computer on the web which host Internet sites, offering web pages to viewers of search request. The service is referred to as Internet or web hosting. Each web server carries an exclusive IP address (Internet Protocol) to ensure other computers attached to the World-wide-web recognize where to locate it in the vast network. The IP address looks something like this example: This address is changed to a warm and friendly human offering, such as http://www.greenwebhostingreviews.org

Web hosting companies lease or rent areas on their internet servers to individuals, businesses or even corporations to host their particular internet sites and pages. The web server allocates a unique web address to each and every web site it hosts.

Whenever a person links to the web, his personal computer in addition turns into a distinctive IP (like a zip or postcode) designated by his/her Internet Service Provider (ISP). This will identify with the device's precise location on the system. When this individual selects a hyperlink to see a website, like http://www.greenwebhostingreviews.org, his/her web browser shoots out a request order to Green Web Hosting Reviews IP address. This ‘send’ request contains return data and functions similar to a SMS text, but in this situation the info will be transmitted across the whole net.

The particular communiqué goes via numerous computers on route in order to reach Green Web Hosting Reviews, each and every routing it more detailed until it reaches it’s ultimate and final location.

When the search request finally reaches the end destination, the net server that hosts Green Web Hosting Reviews site delivers the web site in HTML code to the seeking computer. This return communiqué moves back through the web. The computer receives the particular code as well and the customer's Internet browser interprets the actual code and exhibits the actual web page for the user in a graphic form on screen.

Green Web Hosting Reviews - Green Web Servers

A well maintained and powerful server, delivers the request faster and serves up website pages almost instantly. Old and smaller sized machines may cause aggravating lag where users are left waiting for long periods of time for the pages to load. Large traffic volumes can also slow computers that are not highly effective or efficient enough to handle higher volumes of Internet data exchanges. This should be an issue to bare in mind when you are buying a hosting plan from a service provider. Many web hosting companies will have a page(s) with specialized information regarding complex specifics of their particular Internet servers, such as rate, capability, system settings, and also other technical details.

Theoretically, web servers keep working 24 hours a day, 7 days weekly, 365 days per year. But actually, in reality they encounter occasional downtime because of maintenance and complex technical issues. Web servers with consistent data of an uptime of 99.5% or greater are considered reliable.

Web servers use a lot of energy to run and keep cool, so now thinking about green web hosting is a key point to consider when searching for a hosting company. All eco-friendly hosting services aren’t the same. Some buy REC's (Renewable Energy Credits) often operated by solar power, wind or even hydro and some green web hosting companies purchase CER's (Certified Emission Reductions).

For additional information on specific green web hosting companies, view and evaluate the pages on all the leading green hosts here at Green Web Hosting Reviews.
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