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Let's face it, the Internet isn't going away and we all need to host our websites some where. Doesn't it make perfect sense to host them with a green web hosting company to minimize or even reverse the negative effects energy hungry servers have on our fragile planet? You bet it does!

Green Web Hosting Reviews * Are you looking for a green web hosting company but are confused between your REC's and CER's?

* Are the benefits of wind power v solar power baffelling you?

* When a company say's it's 'green' is it really environmentally friendly or is it trying to attract favour through clever marketing, smoke and mirrors?

We care passionaly about the world around us and I guess you do to as you have found and are reading this page! : )

Here on Green Web Hosting Reviews we have cut through the chaff to bring you honest reviews on many of the leading website hosting companies with green credentials.

Each company has been carefully reviewed, not just on their eco-friendlyness but also on up-time of their servers, customer service and price to name but three important areas taken into consideration.

You can start reading our honest reviews by clicking on the links on the right of this page and then make an informed decision as to the best green web hosting service provider for you based on honest facts, not fiction.


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Acorn Green Web Hosting

from Acorn Host

Product description

Green Web Hosting Reviews - Acorn HostAcorn Hosting, a green web hosting company that started in 2002 and since then has been hosting various small business and non-profit websites. It purchases the Green Certificates (also called the green tags) every month to run its servers and other equipments. Green Certification assures that all the energy used is renewable green energy, without a change in the electricity providers. Green certificates are different from carbon offsetting in such a way that while carbon offsetting uses ways which balance the emission of CO2 by the servers; green certificates, on the other hand, is buying renewable energy for the severs in the first place, hence reducing the overall emission of CO2.

Acorn Hosting works with two of the best datacenters that provide green web hosting- Services and LiquidWeb. Both these datacenters make use of high-performance, low-voltage servers that reduce carbon emissions and the overall energy requirements of these servers. Both use very few resources and believe in 100% recycling of all their hardware. Both the centers also contribute to reforestation projects and meet all the environmental requirements for disposal of hazardous and non-recyclable objects. LiquidWeb is looking into using solar panels and louver system in place of air conditioners as a green building solution to reduce carbon emissions further.

Furthermore, Acorn Hosting reduces the use of paper by making use of paperless billing, electronic invoices, recycling paper, and using recycled paper. Much of their business communications are conducted online hence not just saving paper, but also gas.

Green Web Hosting Reviews - Acorn HostingThe owner of this green web host is a woman, Emma McCreary, which adds to the likability of this company in this age where gender-equality is major issue.

Acorn Hosting offers plans ranging from $7.95/month for 2GB space and 50GB bandwidth till $24.95/month for 10 GB space and 250 GB bandwidth. Their plans may not necessarily be the cheapest, but they offer green web-hosting at a reduced rate of $3.95/ month for 1GB space and 25GB bandwidth for non-profit organizations. These organizations do not even need to provide this green web hosting company with any government paperwork. If the organization is non-profit, for the welfare of people, and cannot afford web-hosting, then they become eligible for this reduced rate. Unsatisfied customers can claim full refund within 30 days from this hosting. Cancellations are easy and free too and if someone cancels in a middle of a yearly subscription, the fee of the rest of remaining months is fully refunded too.

All the packages offered by Acorn Hosting provides various features, including, unlimited email, unlimited domains, a powerful control panel (cPanel), FrontPage extensions, SQL database system, pre-installed Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and Mamabo , PHP 4 or 5 and much more! This hosting company also provides 24/7 customer support!

Feedback and Overview:

Price Value:

7.5 / 10 (It would have been 6.5 had they not included the reduced plan)

Customer Support:

10 / 10


10 / 10


10 / 10

Overall Rating:

10 / 10

Customer Testimonial

"Hi, I just got done with a call to your tech support department. I was so pleased with the answer time on the call and the friendly, helpful support person who assisted me. (Unfortunately, I didn't catch the name of the person who helped me). Over the years I have spent a lot of time on the phone with customer service and tech support departments of various companies and it is a rarity and a joy to be able to get an issue resolved with such ease and speed. Thank you!! We just switched our hosting to acorn and are very pleased so far. Keep up the good work". Andrea Nelson - Director of Communications - Live Girls! Theatre

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