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Let's face it, the Internet isn't going away and we all need to host our websites some where. Doesn't it make perfect sense to host them with a green web hosting company to minimize or even reverse the negative effects energy hungry servers have on our fragile planet? You bet it does!

Green Web Hosting Reviews * Are you looking for a green web hosting company but are confused between your REC's and CER's?

* Are the benefits of wind power v solar power baffelling you?

* When a company say's it's 'green' is it really environmentally friendly or is it trying to attract favour through clever marketing, smoke and mirrors?

We care passionaly about the world around us and I guess you do to as you have found and are reading this page! : )

Here on Green Web Hosting Reviews we have cut through the chaff to bring you honest reviews on many of the leading website hosting companies with green credentials.

Each company has been carefully reviewed, not just on their eco-friendlyness but also on up-time of their servers, customer service and price to name but three important areas taken into consideration.

You can start reading our honest reviews by clicking on the links on the right of this page and then make an informed decision as to the best green web hosting service provider for you based on honest facts, not fiction.


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Powweb Green Web Hosting

from PowWeb

Product description

Green Web Hosting Reviews - PowWebPowWeb was started in 1999 as a green web hosting company.  It is privately owned and its entire infrastructure is built and developed in-house. They make use of the latest technology of “load balanced” servers which provides multiple paths to website’s destination. This reduces the down time of any website to nil during server reboots or maintenance. Their connection is also very fast as they connect through the high speed OC12/48 connection for efficient and reliable high-speed performance. Moreover, they do not rely on other people’s equipments. They have bought all their servers with the state-of the-art hardware and operate them on their own too. In fact, their own experienced developers built the infrastructure including the server configurations, billing software, helpdesk, WebMail, Site Manager, and OPS.

PowWeb is different in their offerings in such a way that they offer only one plan called The One Plan. Currently it is priced at just $3.88 per month which is on a 50% discount scheme for limited time only. This plan includes unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, a member options control panel, DNS management, unlimited sub-domains, multi-media, e- commerce and blogging features and much more. This comes with free domain registration and an Easy to Use Website Builder.

This green web hosting company has a strong customer support. Not only do they provide a 24/7/365 customer support available via phone, email and live chat, the telephone is toll- free too! They also have an active community for people to exchange their thoughts and ideas. This forum has around 20,000 active members today. They also provide their customers with a huge library of tutorials and support documents. PowWeb keeps posting System Announcements regularly to keep their customers up to date.

They back up their plan with a 30 day money back guarantee where if a customer is unsatisfied with their services, they can get a full refund if reported within 30 days of the purchase.

                                         Green Web Hosting Reviews

PowWeb has invested in state-of-the-art equipments for better performance. They are able to provide a decent routing and redundancy through their use of BGP4 technology.  The use of multiple Gigabit fiber-optic connections further speeds up the load time and makes surfing a lot smoother. They also commit to using only Dell servers which are known for their speed and robust nature and provide one of the best performances, making the sites load much faster. All of this comes with 100% wind energy used to power their servers thus saving the environment from emission of tons of greenhouse gases, making them a top green web host.

While researching this article we couldn't find any testimonials since 1995 only a forum post asking for testimonials in 1997. Powweb boasts an active forum of 11,000 people but we found little proof of just how active this forum really is. Even their blog hasn't had a post since 2008!!

The various awards won by PowWeb support their reliability and performance as a green web hosting service provider. Some of these awards are- “Editor’s Pick 2006” by Hosting Review, “Top Pick for Best Business Hosting 2005” by Hosting Review and many more!

Product Research

Feedback and Overview:

Price Value:

9 / 10

Customer Support:

9 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10

Overall Rating:

9 / 10

Customer Testimonial

"Just wanted to say that ever since I first signed up 4years ago, I've been thrilled with everything about your company: the unbeatable prices and services and the top quality tech support which is the best I've ever dealt with. They're willing to do what ever it takes. Just figured I'd write because you probably don't get that many customers who take time to say what a great job you're doing. I tell everyone about POWWEB and will continue to do so. Keep up the good work!" - Barry Weinzimmer - Jacksonville, Fl

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