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Let's face it, the Internet isn't going away and we all need to host our websites some where. Doesn't it make perfect sense to host them with a green web hosting company to minimize or even reverse the negative effects energy hungry servers have on our fragile planet? You bet it does!

Green Web Hosting Reviews * Are you looking for a green web hosting company but are confused between your REC's and CER's?

* Are the benefits of wind power v solar power baffelling you?

* When a company say's it's 'green' is it really environmentally friendly or is it trying to attract favour through clever marketing, smoke and mirrors?

We care passionaly about the world around us and I guess you do to as you have found and are reading this page! : )

Here on Green Web Hosting Reviews we have cut through the chaff to bring you honest reviews on many of the leading website hosting companies with green credentials.

Each company has been carefully reviewed, not just on their eco-friendlyness but also on up-time of their servers, customer service and price to name but three important areas taken into consideration.

You can start reading our honest reviews by clicking on the links on the right of this page and then make an informed decision as to the best green web hosting service provider for you based on honest facts, not fiction.


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Thinkhost Green Web Hosting

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Product description

Green Web Hosting Reviews - ThinkHostThinkHost is a green web hosting company right from its tagline, which says “Powered by the wind and sun”. It has a strong ethics base and believing strongly in environmental protection, peace and various other Gandhian values.

It provides the carbon- neutral web hosting as a battle against global warming and environment degradation. The electricity it uses is 100% powered by renewable energy sources, such as the wind and the sun, which they obtain by purchasing 100% Green certified Renewable Energy Credits or RECs. It also follows green practices at the office, such as, reducing the use of paper by storing data electronically, recycling and using recycled products. It also makes use of energy efficient notebooks and low wattage lighting, further reducing the electrical requirement. It promotes telecommuting (using public transportation or bicycles for commute). It even has gone to the extent of planting a new tree with every new client it gets! That is quite some green marketing for a green web hosting company!

Green Web Hosting Reviews - Tree PlantingThinkHost has taken on much more social responsibilities than just being green. Its work ethics includes promoting peace and equality. Therefore, it does not discriminate based on color, creed, age or religion while employing people. Rather it looks at merits and makes sure their employees feel appreciated and valued.  It actively supports non-profit organizations and progressive companies. This is done by providing free hosting to environmental organizations and discounted hosting to non-profit organizations.

Moving on to its services, it provide just one plan called the Green II plan priced at $7.95 per month. This plan includes unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited domains, free shopping cart, free photo gallery and various other multi-media and blogging features. With this plan, it also provides the customers with bonus softwares and tools, a $400 value bonus, along with free web design templates and a site builder! It provides a strong support for all leading Web technologies, such as PHP, MySQL, Microsoft FrontPage and PERL. The data centers are completely backed up by UPS power to ensure uninterrupted performance.

Although ThinkHost provides 100% Uptime and 24/7 monitoring, its support system is a little poor with offering just a Ticket System. It has tried to compensate that by putting Support FAQ on the website. Its back up is the 14 day Money back Guarantee, i.e., an unsatisfied customer can get full refund within 14 days of purchase, which is a very small time compared to time offered by many other green web hosting service providers.

While it has a very strong environmental base, the prices and customer support weakens it and it will need to improve them a lot if it wants to survive in the very competitive market of green web hosting.

Product Research

Feedback and Overview:

Price Value:

7.5 / 10

Customer Support:

4 / 10


9 / 10


8 / 10

Overall Rating:

6.75 / 10

Customer Testimonial

"We selected Thinkhost as our host for two reasons: I had used them previously for a simple website and they had been relatively hassle-free and they are wind and solar powered. The new site was a very basic WordPress site.

When we first launched the site in May of 2008, there were frequent outages where the site was completely unavailable. As an apology, Thinkhost offered to credit us for 3 free months.

In May of this year, we received a bill for the next quarter (we had paid for 2 years). I wrote them and explained that our 2 years should not be up until August b/c of the 3 free months. I still had all of the original emails and ticket IDs. After a few emails were ignored we at last were assured that our problem was being referred to a "senior support engineer". We never heard anything more.

We received another bill in June and again I explained the entire issue and in addition I told them to cancel our account. Again we were told that we were being referred to a senior support engineer and our issue would be addressed promptly. Again nothing happened.

I would phone them but there is NO phone number contact that I can find. A very bad sign for any "business."

Today I received another bill for web hosting even though we have written at least three times to cancel the service. As Thinkhost has continually failed to correct their mistake, I am now in the process of filing a complaint with the Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation." - by Practical Idealist


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